Instagram is a social networking service whose primary purpose is to enable its users to share videos and images with their audience. On this platform, we take a visual content, edit, and upload it for our followers to interact with us through comments, likes and shares. Don’t forget to check Profile Mate Review & Bonuses here.

Since the emergence of Instagram, whenever we engage in any activity, we usually take photos and videos to upload on Instagram, hence, the phrase “do it for the gram”. Primarily, Instagram is exciting, and it has fascinating features such as Instagram live video, Instagram TV (IGTV), and shoppable tags in stories. Ideally, Instagram is very engaging, and it one of the best channels to reach out to your fans.

How to Grow Your Fan Base with Instagram

Instagram has approximately 700 million active users. Therefore, it is a great platform to build your online community. Through attractive photos and videos, hilarious memes and motivational quotes, you can get the attention of many users. We have outlined some helpful tips on how you can grow your Instagram channel.

Have a Specific Theme For Your Profile.

When I visit your profile, your recent photos should be consistent, and I should be able to predict what theme you feature on your page. You can decide whether your overall look will consist of photos with cold or warm undertones, or photos with a monochromatic look.

Make Your Feed an Online Magazine.

It would be best if you always told stories, by communicating to your fans through speaking about your experiences, and what you have achieved. Besides, you can choose to talk about music, fashion, or even spiritual growth.

Be Consistent in Posting.

Generally, you have to keep your fans entertained at all time. They have to build a perception that you will be posting every day to keep them entertained. Post at least two to four times a day to attract many followers.

Additionally, you should post at the right times, such as early in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Look at the times hen Instagram is mostly engaged with different people at different times across the world. Use apps that will help you know when most of your followers are online, and you should study their behaviour to know when they are using Instagram.

Create Engagement.

On Instagram, you have to draw the attention of your followers, and you have to engage them with your posts to get likes. Ask them exciting questions, or share your experiences and reviews on different items. Likewise, post hilarious videos, which will make them wait eagerly for your next post. Besides, follow other people, like their photos, and make sure to leave positive and realistic comments on their posts.

Hashtags are Vital.

In every post, ensure you have included hashtags that relate to your brand, and what your fans can enjoy. Use different apps to learn on a suitable hashtag for your specific post, and ensure the hashtag is popular within your audience.

Why Instagram is a Good Channel to Advertise On

With advanced technology, online marketing has become quite common, and it has attracted many consumers. Therefore, it is essential to make the right decision on which platform to market.

Instagram is the leading visual platform, with more than 700 million active users. With unlimited advertising potential, it has become a vast online community that has a high engagement rate. We have outlined some of the essential benefits of Instagram below.

• It has a diverse community, which is still growing with more than 700 million active users.

• The ads available on Instagram are non-intrusive, and they are less likely to annoy your esteemed fans.

• On Instagram, Shopify is easily accessible, and you can sell your products at ease as your fans are directed to your Shopify app within no time.

• According to research done, Instagram marketing is more effective, saves on time, and its results are impressive.

• Ever known that Instagram and Facebook are connected? Well, you can use your Facebook data to target your audience on Instagram. Facebook was created way before its sister, Instagram, and most probably, we all interacted with it. With that knowledge, you can manoeuvre your way on Instagram without learning about it from scratch. You will have an idea about the creation of ads, budgeting, and scheduling tasks.

• Instagram has a very high engagement rate compared to other social media platforms.

• On Instagram, you can detect whether your business is becoming successful, or it is failing. It measures your reach, awareness, and recall.

Why You Should Choose Instagram to Reach Out to Your Followers

Maybe you are wondering why use Instagram, and not any other platform to reach out to your followers. Ideally, you should be asking yourself why you should use Instagram influencers, and why you should not use influencers from other social media platform. Remember, social media platforms users work with influencers to engage their followers. We have outlined some fundamental reasons why you should choose Instagram below.

There is The Existence of Close Relationships Between Instagram Users and Many Brands.

According to Instagram statistics, about 75% of Instagram users follow more than one brand on Instagram. They show love to these brands, buy their products and services, and always show interest in their content.

Users on Instagram Have Huge Incomes.

Influencers on Instagram should ensure that the brands they are marketing for, sell their products through them. Therefore, they should market these products where they are confident that they will get customers to purchase. Meaning, it should be a platform where the users can afford to buy from you.

Studies indicate that Instagram users have high levels of disposable income, with 31% of users making over 75000 per year, and between 30000 and 49000 per year, for 32% of users.

Influencer Posts Get Substantial Potential Reach.

It means that their posts get to be seen by a large number of users who engage with it, whether they have many followers or not. It is because their audience is vast and very active compared to other social media platforms.

In conclusion, Instagram is an excellent channel to reach out to your fans, especially in marketing. Moreover, you should invest your time, effort and money into growing your channel because you will make huge sales on Instagram, and you will remain responsive to your competition. In truth, it saves on cost, and your customers remain loyal to you.

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